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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 7, 2011 3:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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breaking story at this mass evacuation at san clement i high school, teachers and students have been filling that football field on campus. a text message from the school informed students and parents that the sheriff's officers in orange county, they've been investigating a bomb threat. here's where the story takes a bizarre turn. our affiliate in california as well as the l.a. times, they're all reporting that an awol marine from nearby camp pendleton left a threatening note behind in his barracks. that's what tipped off the authorities to go to the high school. evacuate these students and inspect some of the buildings there. the evaction started just in the last hour or so. we've been watching as the kids have been filling the outdoor areas. but i've been told that they're now moving inside. apparently, it's very, very hot in the l.a. area today. so they're moving inside towards the gym. deemed a safe zone. talking to parents, just in the last couple of minute on social
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media who say they have kid at the school and their students report calm on the football field. couple of developments now out of the deadly shooting at that nevada ihop. first, 911 calls received during the shooting have been released and people who are in the national guard are being ordered not to wear their uniforms in public. that order follows yesterday's shooting at that carson city ihop restaurant in total, 11 people were shot. five are now dead, including three members of the national guard. also, a civilian and a shooting suspect who apparently turned the gun on himself. i want to play for you one of the 911 calls. you can actually hear the shooting in the background. this is 911. >> it's ihop. there's a shooting going on. there's shooting. >> shooting where? >> in the ihop. >> in the ihop? >> ihop. automatic weapons. ihop. get there right now.
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automatic weapons. >> automatic weapons. >> one guy going in. he's coming back out with a gun and shooting people in the parking lot. get out of there. move! [ shooting ] >> he's shooting at us now. >> all right. [ inaudible ] automatic weapons. >> like long weapons? >> one gun,st shooting everybody. >> he's a -- red shirt. >> long johns. >> at ate restaurant. >> they're on the way. all right. frightening. want to bring in gutierrez. she's been following the shooting for us. thelma, you can hear the gunfire. >> reporter: yeah, brooke. they're absolutely chilling.
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i talked to sheriff furlong, he's the sheriff the carson city, he's been the sheriff for eight years. he held the first victim, a woman shot in the head, he describes the scene as horrific. something that he had never experienced before, brooke. he said it looked like a bloodbath. that many of the victims were butchered where they sat. >>let listen to the sound. >> while numerous guardsmen were attacked, an equal number of civilians were similarly assaulted. therefore, we cannot conclude at this time that our military forces were being specifically targeted. >> thelma, let me follow-up with this question. if they can't say yes, these members of the national guard were targeted, yet they're also saying hold off on wearing uniforms, what is the final decision on this? or is it still just under investigation. >> reporter: well, brooke, the sheriff told us that this case
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is under investigation. but he said that based on what he saw, he believes that since he was firing at everyone from civilians that he encountered on the way into the restaurant to the ten people that he shot inside, including a civilian in a wheelchair. he says it didn't look at all to him like the gunman was making a distinction between those in uniform and those who were civilians. >> i know some of the photos are now being released of those national guard members who were shot and killed. i want to play, here they are. also want to play more sound. what a general in the nevada national guard said today and we'll talk about who these people were. >> in a few short hours, we lost the same number of showers, we lost in the entirety operations iraqi and enduring freedom. so it hit real hard. >> very tough for carson city, thelma. what do you know about these three individuals? >> reporter: well, i can tell you that this is something
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that's being felt not only here, but across the world. the national guard has a very large presence, brooke, in carson city. it's one of the largest employers in the area. so there's this tremendous sense of loss. not only to the local community as i said, but also to national guard troops who are stationed in afghanistan and iraq. two of those killed were recent veterans of those wars, they were husbands and fathers. the sheriff called this one of the most devastating attacks in the history of carson city. >> of course, a piece of this is why? we know now the shooting suspect, he's 32-year-old eduardo sencion. had no prior record. his family says he has a history of mental illness. his family seemed shocked. i want to play a brief part of an interview that was begin to one of our affiliates. >> he wasn't targeting national guard people, right? >> no. very sorry for what he did, you know. >> you had no indication he was going to do this? >> no.
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>> so thelma, what more do we know about sencion, about his medical health history and how in the world he got his hands-on a gun guns? >> that's a very good question, brooke. family members said he had a history of mental illness since he was 16 years old. which begs the question how did he get the firepower. the sheriff said in this circumstance, had he legitimately tried to purchase an automatic weapon which is legal in nevada with federal firearms license, the sheriff says he would have likely been denied based on mental health past. they believe the gun was acquired illegally. atf is investigating how exactly he got his hands-on the weapons. at this point, that investigation is ongoing. lots of people asking that question. >> we'll follow-up. thelma gutierrez. thank you. i have howard mcdonald on the phone call in from carson city.
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who was about to eat breakfast at this restaurant when the shooting began. howard, i understand you were with your wife, daughter, your great grandkids, you're giving your breakfast order to the waitress and what did you hear next? >> caller: we were sitting there eating breakfast and waiting for our second granddaughter to come in with the other great grandkid. we decided to go ahead and have our menu taken. and so she took our order and just about the time she took our order, we heard the pop, pop, pop, pop. and all of a sudden i saw my wife get underneath the table and my daughter had called her mom, get underneath the table, so i got underneath the table with them. the shooting stopped at that time. so i got up and wanted to help my wife out of the building because somebody from one of the other tables from charter communications had opened the back door and said everybody
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out. everybody out. so i went on out. and as i started to go out, i looked around i saw the man in the main lobby. >> so you actually laid eyes -- laid eyes on this man? you saw this man? mr. sencion. >> yes, i did. he had an ak 47 in his hand pointing towards the front of the building and which he had come in. i just nonchalantly walked out and went over with my family across the street to mcdonald's. >> how did he appear, sir? was he saying anything? was he yelling anything at anyone specifically? >> no. at that point in time he stopped the shooting. i could see there was a gentleman on the floor and he was telling other people what had happened and then i saw a lady slumped over on the table. i find out later she was the one in the line of fire and when she got it, she got hit in the head and she was laying on the table
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and then there was a couple of other gentlemen over in that room that had knelt down with a couple of the servicemen that had been shot. >> we have reached out to this particular restaurant and this restaurant told us that there were, despite the horrific details that you're outlining, they say there were many act of heroism from many, many persons. can you elaborate? did you see anyone jump in and try to grab the shooter? >> there was other people running around trying to help and et cetera. at that point in time, i decided to go out, which i did. i gotta cross the street and my wife has a heart problems and she got over there. i followed her. she says, oh, forgot my purse and i need my medication. i said, well i'll go back over there and get your purse. which i did. >> you went back in the restaurant? >> i went back in the restaurant got her purse and got my wife's shoes and got my daughter's shoes and walked back out. then that was the end of it for
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right then. >> where did the gunman go? did you see where he left? >> i assume he went to the front of the building. at that point in time he probably went out -- he probably saw all the sheriffs coming. he must have gone outside and turned the gun on himself. >> howard, how is your family holding up? >> caller: well, my wife's had a real tough time. i kind of had to hold her tight all night long while she slept because she was shaking and all she could hear was those gunshots going off all the time. so it's been pretty tough with her. of course, my daughter, she's had problem and then my grand grand daughter-in-law my great grandkids, she saw the bullet come through the glass and there was glass splattering all over the area and it got on her and on my great grand baby too. that was kind of, made everybody
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kind of shook up. >> absolutely horrendous. i'm glad you're okay, howard mcdonald, thank you so much for calling in. sdp . >> caller: you're welcome. we'll get you more of on a bomb threat in orange county. students are filling into this football field there on campus. a threat came in from a missing marine and a mother whose son is there has just called in. we'll find out what he's telling her. breaking news in just a moment. ordinary rubs don't always work on my arthritis.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. want to pull up on the breaking news out of orange county, california. i have someone on the phone, the mother of a son who attends san
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clement high school. briefly, if you're just joining us, members -- authorities in southern california i should say in orange county are investigating a possible bomb threat into the building at campus. according to reports, an awol marine at nearby camp pendleton left behind a threatening note. he will ki, to you, let's just begin with your son. is he okay? where is he right now? >> he's okay. i just spoke with him a few minutes ago. they were out on the football field with evacuated all the students. but he told me that they were starting to move them into the gym at the time that i was speaking with him. >> they're moving them into the gym. getting information from you and another father via twitter just before i got up here. he says it's so hot in orange county, perhaps they were worried about the temperatures, therefore they're going to the gym. what has the school told you with regard to this possible threat? >> the school -- we received a couple of automated messages from the school saying that they received a bomb threat and that
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they've evacuated the students. they said that everyone is safe at the moment. and that they would provide us with further update. they also said for any parents do not go to the school because traffic and everything is crazy down there now because of the possible pom threat. >> i'm glad you brought that up. let me read something from the website. this is just something for parents. at the direction of the sheriffs officers, the entire high school staff and student body evacuated. after it was inspected and declared safe parents and other community members are asked not to go to the school at this time. security personnel and officers are guarding the stadium and prohibiting entry into campus and pre creating a safety perimeter so they go through the buildings and locations to make sure it's safe for parents to come. your son, what grade is he in? >> he's a sophomore. he's in tenth grade. >> he's a sophomore. so how long, how long has he been evacuated? >> i think he said that it's been -- he thought it was only
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like an hour. someone said it was more like three. i thought they had sent them outside around 10:00. it sound like it was 9:00. >> this is day one of school, isn't it? >> yes. very first day. >> by the looks of some of these pictures, i've been watching the aerial footage of all those young women and young men on the football field. it's a lot of students. do you know how many students are in the high school? >> caller: there's approximately 3200 students at the high school. >> 3200 students. overall, in your texting and phone call exchanges with your son, are these students for the most part pretty calm? >> caller: he said that everyone is kind of hanging out. they're playing frisbee and skateboarding. just talking. he said no one freaked out or scared or panicking or anything. >> well, that is a good thing. what a way to spend your first back to school evacuated for fears of a bomb threat. we're making phone calls to confirm some reports from our local affiliates and the l.a. times as well.
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elky, thank you very much. if you hear anything further, give us a call and let us know. thank you so much for tweeting with me. >> thank you. they were the first to arrive the last to leavement some medical bills won't ever be covered. many of them have not been invited to the memorial at ground zero this weekend. dr. sanjay gupta sits down with some of the firefighters of 9/11. for them, the terror is in the dust.
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the images from 9/11 are almost frozen in our minds. who could forget where you were on that tuesday ten years ago. but how often do you think about all those first responders who rushed into the chaos? it turns out many of them became
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sick and some experts say that that number will grow, especially those with cancer. chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta spent the last year investigating all their myriad of health problems. his documentary premieres tonight. sanjay gupta in new york for us. sanjay, cancer, i know it's a controversial topic when we talk about the first responder. how big of a problem is it? >> well, as you said, it's probably the beginning of what some say could be the tip of the ice befrmgt a new study out just over the last couple of weeks, brooke, as you probably know showed a 19% increased risk of developing cancer for a certain population. first responders who work for the fire department. they were there, breathing in a lot of the same stuff that people knew this they were breathing in for some time. ten years, even though that seems like a long time, it's a short time in science. what happens at 15 years, 0 years? more to the point, if you talk to people like we have over the last year, people who work for the fire department and the
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police department, there are so many new cases of cancer among young people, that they develop these cancer clubs. if you can imagine that. they get together to talk about what is happening to them. take a listen. >> one of my friends, he's a captain. he had multiple myeloma. another lieutenant in vice with me, he has the same lymphoma i have. >> he goes wait a second. >> how many people off the top of your head can you think of that fall into that pattern? >> there are so many i hear. every month it's a couple more. >> every month? >> yeah. >> we do know that there were carcinogens in there, even in the dust there were. >> the question is how long does it take for people to develop cancers after they've been exposed to these compounds? >> it's a question that science has struggled to answer. but ernie has no doubt. he believes there is a connection between his cancer and the dust.
3:22 pm
>> i firmly believe that: >> it's a tough thing to prove, isn't it? >> oh, sure. >> i saw on the interview he had the jar of dust. i don't know if you have it with you there. it's the ground zero dust. what is it in that stuff that could be -- there it is. it could be making these people so sick. >> it's -- let me tell you. one of the responders that held this, brooke, remember when i gave to him during the documentary. he became emotional. he said this is probably the most dangerous substance i've held. it gives you an idea how visceral this is to some people it was a wholly unique substance. it was an amalgamation of benzene, titanium, cement, asbestos. all these things put together and being analyzed. it has been analyzed trying to figure out what about it could lead to these various health problems. let me add one thing, brooke, that's striking. if you look at the images, in
3:23 pm
the first 48 hours or so, there were a lot of volatile compound as well in the air that people breathed in but then simply ee vap wait rated. that's relevant because that was never able to be captured like this dust. we still don't know the full extent of what people are breathing in at that time. >> so even though that's unknown, what we know is that there's this whole -- a movement, there's a push to add medical coverage for first responders with cancer which then begs the question, cancer isn't already covered? >> i know. that's a common response. we've been working on this. the answer is yes, it's not covered. and even as recently as july, about a month and a half ago, it was reevaluated. again, the decision was made not to cover cancer as part of what is this bill which provides health compensation for people who got sick. so it's quite controversial. it's contentious, even today there's a petition being signed on this very issue. the study that we're talking about that showed this association is going to be one
3:24 pm
of the studies that a lot of people point to and say, but look, there is an associationmeassociation. this is why we got sick and should get benefits. this is going to be an ongoing discussion for some time. >> you've been talking to these people for the last year. sanjay, thank you. let's everyone know when they can watch your doc. it's tonight. 11 o'clock eastern. this full investigation into this health fallout, including rare, never before seen foot anl of the aftermath. he's calling it terror in the dust. 11:o 0 eastern time. tune in to the live coverage of the ten-year anniversary of 9/11. sanjay gupta, thank you very much. gelling developing right now, a plane carrying a hockey team takes off and crashes. then explodes into a fireball. dozens are dead. including former nhl players. we're now learning who was on board that plane. plus, moammar gadhafi is still in hiding. but surfacing today never before seen home video. we'll tell when you this was shot and what a spokesman is saying about gadhafi's health. [ dog barks, growls ]
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checking from the top stories. a plane carrying professional
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hockey players crashed in russia today killing a total of 43. here is the wreck anl. tough to believe. two people on board did manage to survive that crash. officials say the plane slammed into the beacon and caught fire. among those killed, braed mckrim an and assistant coach with the detroit red wings. the crash is called a catastrophic loss to the hockey world. a rare look into the private life of moammar gadhafi. take a look here. we'll show you moem video from 2005. it shows a completely different side of the long time ousted libyan leader. he appears to be doting, playful grandfather. a far cry from the man who ruled libya for 42 years with an iron fist. still no no word on where he's hiding. sfwliefrnlt we welcome news from the white house. the obama administration is
3:29 pm
working on plans to save the cash trapped agency from defaulting on a $5.5 billion benefits payments by giving it three months to pay up. postmaster general speaking in morning on cnn's american morning. talking about what the postal service want to do to fix the money crisis. >> we're also making internal changes in our networks that will save us about $5 billion. our goal is to get profit al over the next few years. pay down the debt and get the finances stabilized going forward. and to d.c. a crane collapsing at washington's national cathedral. the crane was set up to repair some of the damage caused by hurricane irene not long ago. firefighters respond today reports of a crane collapsing on cars, nearby cars by the cathedral this morning. no reports of injuries. president obama scheduled to speak this upcoming sunday to commemorate the 9/11 anniversary. and one, two, three. really? storms in the tropics.
3:30 pm
chad myers is here. where do we even begin? >> we lost lee. >> we lost lee. we're on katia, maria and nate. >> why are we still talking about katia? >> because it developed so far in the atlantic and it's still out there. it hasn't hit anything yet. lee came on shore right away and died. we lost the l. we still m, the maria. we don't have nate yet. >> what is maria? >> let's get turned to the right, it will be a gutter ball like irene was kind of. but katia was going to be another gutter ball. the bigger story, i think, is going to be nate. i hope nate does something good. inverse of what lee did. lee went that way, brought all that wind to texas and fanned those fires and burned all those homes. if we can get some of this moisture up into texas rather than that way that, would at least alleviate a lot of the drought conditions. it wouldn't stop it. here's katia. still going to turn off to the right. a gutter ball missing bermuda
3:31 pm
and the u.s. although three days from now, hurricane season gets to its peak. on september 10th. on average over 100 years, there have been 100 storms. on average, one storm per year. on september 10th. we may have three to add to that total. but there's the peak and it goes down rapidly all the way down. but not ending until the end of november. so we still have a lot of warm water out there. there's katia making the big gutter ball run around to the right. looks like a -- that looks like my golf swing. friday, saturday into sunday. well into the north atlantic and finally dying. maria is a little more sinister track. it is farther to the south than where katia was. but is still forecast by the lock longer term models to turn to the right. when it gets to turks and caicos and bahamas, i get anxious. still five days from there. >> little anxious. i want to shove nate into texas give them the rain. we know they need it, chad myers. thank you very much. now, listen to this. >> our youngest child was
3:32 pm
murdered on september 11th. >> murdered? >> murdered. on his death certificate the cause of death is homicide. >> a young man, 25 years old of age, didn't even work at the world trade center. just happened to be there at a conference when terrorists attacked on 9/11, 2001. his family turned their grief into a message. one the entire world is hearing. elizabeth and steven alderman are good enough to join me live and tell me their story, next. and form a resilient layer called biofilm? biofilm germs are strong enough to survive daily brushing. thankfully, there's listerine® antiseptic. its triple-action formula goes deep to penetrate biofilm, kill germs and protect your mouth for up to 12 hours. aaaahhhh... [ male announcer ] for a deeper clean, fight biofilm with listerine®.
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you know what, it is possible to build something lasting and meaningful out of the horrendous legacy that 9/11 left all of us. two people who lost their son did precisely that. they started the peter c. alderman foundation to help survivors recover from war, terrorism, from tragedy.
3:36 pm
these parents, they call it the perfect memorial to their son. they are elizabeth and dr. peter alderman. thank you both very much for coming on and talking to me. let me just direct this first question to you, mrs. alderman. your son peter was 25 when he was killed, when he was murdered on 9/11. you found this amazing way to honor his life. who does the peter c. alderman foundation help specifically? >> it helps victims of mass violence, terrorism, war, genocide. we work in countries where there is no help available. excuse me. we do very little work in the united states because help is available here. but we work in uganda, we work in rue wanda, we're starting in liberia. we work in cambodia where people have gone through experience that is no living person should see. and there is no mental health
3:37 pm
help for these people. >> i mean, that's it. it's the mental health. it's these, as you talk about these invisible wounds that these people carry. to be more specific, i know you're helping to teach indigenous physicians and the care-givers within rwanda and the countries. cambodia. how to care for survivors of master richl. you're also opening mental health clinics. can you speak about the invisible wound an the threat that all these different people have in common, perhaps including yourselves? >> when people experience things that they shouldn't experience, such as watching a husband murdered, having a child die in their arms, being raped, it makes them depressed and it gives them post-traumatic stress disorder and keeps them from functioning. and when that happens, they become helpless. they descend usually into
3:38 pm
poverty. they are often in a post conflict low resource country and they have no way to either dig themselves or their country out of this terrible situation. so what we do is to restore this. we know that, with with proper treatment, that 90% of them can be returned to function. we don't deal with happiness. this is not park avenue. we deal with function. >> this is something you and i were talking about at the commercial break. i saw the trailer much i want to play a quick clip. this is of this -- your story, one of several featured in this documentary produced by sean penn. it's called love, hate love. it's the lives of the three families. sort of torn by terrorism. but it's also about moving forward. let's watch. >> the problem with mass violence is that it massively traumatizes individuals and
3:39 pm
traumatizes massively. that is affects a whole society. all right? if you look at the incidence of people that have suffered something that are over five or six years of age, it's 100%. >> mrs. alderman, you say in the documentary as a parent when you lose your child, you have two options. you kill yourself or you put one foot in front of the other. is that still a conscious effort for you each day, putting one foot in front of the other in front of the other? >> absolutely. i think the work of the foundation has helped me function at a very high level, though. you can't stay in bed. i mean, i have to be up. i have to get to the computer. i can't cry. you get the keys wet and you can't see the screen. one of the things that we try so hard to tell people when they're looking for support for the foundation, people say why are
3:40 pm
you dealing with mental health? mental health is something that is so much further down the list of priorities hwhen you're talking about horrible diseases, malaria, hiv/aids. water that isn't potable. we believe that if people don't care whether they live or dierks they won't be able to follow the difficult drug regimens. they're not going to bother to put bed nets down. people in uganda, people sell bed nets to peopleaking wedding gowns or to fishermen for catching fish. they're not going to walk that extra mile for potable water. we believe that restoring these people to function and to hope is terribly, terribly important. >> i know. i can tell that this is a labor of love for both of you. this is a 24/7 thing. final question to either of you. what will you be doing this upcoming sunday?
3:41 pm
>> we will not be down at ground zero. we have never gone down there. not that there's anything the matter with t our grief is something that's very private. we'll be at home with the rest of our family. >> and we'll be working on the foundation. >> we always are. >> elizabeth, dr. steven alderman. i thank you both very, very much. >> thank you. >> let's pass along the website. if you're watching to see what they've been doing the last ten or so years. the peter c alderman in a moment here, we'll go back to california where new details are eeking out on that search for a missing member of the u.s. military who could be behind today's bomb threat at a huge high school there in orange county. also, we're getting word a dangerous stash of missiles in libya missing. missiles designed to take out plane, choppers and drones and weapons looting grows, fear
3:42 pm
about possible terror strikes. we'll go live to libya next. [ bird squawks ] ♪ [ bird screeching ] ♪ [ elevator bell dings ] [ sighs ] how mad is she? she kicked me out. but i took the best stuff. i'll get the wrench. ♪ [ male announcer ] kohler's tresham collection. life. with a twist. ♪ an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money to buy a car that's one model-year newer...
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surface to air missiles. mortars, artillery rounds, missing in libya. cnn team and human rights watch found dozens of empty crates in this warehouse in tripoli. at least 20,000 surface to air missiles are gone. from all over the country. they're designed to target frontline aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, drones much the main concern among several is that these weapons could end up in the hand of either al qaeda or iran. >> sold by the russians 2004.
3:45 pm
this is box 84 of 241 boxes. that means this 482 of these missiles. this is the missile that america has been trying to keep out of the hands of the iranians. >> let's go to ben wedeman live in tripoli. ben, i saw the pictures you were tweeting. the empty warehouses. two questions off the top. first the weapon, what are they capable of and how much can one make on one of these surface to air missiles on the black market? on the black market, to answer, the second half of that question, it's not altogether clear, but probably hundreds of thousands of dollars. now, these weapons are shoulder launched. they have arranged some of them, the sa 24, which is the most advanced russian surface to aramis will. has a range of 11,000 feet which means you can easily take out an
3:46 pm
aircraft coming in for instance to land or take off. they're not these sa 24s, they're sa 14s and sa 7s. one of the missiles was used to try to shoot down an israeli jet in mu bass a, ken kra ya. these missiles are extremely accurate and that gentleman you were showing before from human rights watch told me that -- i've been with him through much of this conflict. he said that every time they would come to a newly liberated town, the first thing that was looted from the armories was these surface to air missiles. now, we've been really hounding the officials from the national transitional council. the did he facto government here in tripoli to find out what they know about the destiny. where did these missiles show up. they're completely stumped. quite taken aback by the fact that this is a serious issue
3:47 pm
that's already set off alarm bells in washington and european capitals. >> yeah. >> the fear, of course, is that they could end up in the wrong hands. brooke? >> of course, that was a concern. we've been talking approximate that for weeks. weapons, looting, fearing where they could go. what does that then, ben wedeman, what does that say about a post gadhafi libya in which there are concerns of weapons warehouses, the ntc, we don't know what they're doing to find these weapons. >> reporter: we know that the ntc in some locations has secured weapons depots. there's another site not far from there where there are thousands and thousands of anti-personnel land mines where the officials are trying to cordon them off and take them away. it's right in the middle of a residential area. but the problem is that the people who are now looking for these things to try to sort of secure these sites, there's so many places where you wouldn't
3:48 pm
expect to find them. for instance, where we found these weapons, it wasn't a military base. it was a construction site. the weapons,the ammunition had been moved from a nearby army base to be put there basically to hide from nato air raids. so there's a very good possibility, there are a variety of de facto arms depots around the country that nobody really knows are there. >> ben, since i have you, i was also trying to glance down at your twitter. we don't know where the weapons are or where moammar gadhafi is. you tweeted. what is the ntc saying about the possible whereabouts of two of his sons. what have you learned? >> reporter: this we got from the chief negotiator for the ntc with the town that's the site of a standoff. they say the latest information is that save islam gadhafi and two -- two very important sons
3:49 pm
of moammar gadhafi have been sighted in that town. quite recently. as far as the whereabouts of moammar gadhafi goes, every day, we get new claims and it's just impossible at this point to confirm them. >> we take it with a grain of salt. ben wedeman. ben, thank you very much. as promised we're making calls to getting new details on the breaking news out of southern california. word of this bomb threat at a school in orange county. students evacuated. we're getting reports that this threat came from a missing navy medic. the sheriff's department is now called in. we'll get an update from them next. nice wheels. oh, thanks. keeps me young. hello there, handsome. your dinner's in the microwave, dear. ♪ where do you want to go? just drive. [ engine revs, tires screech ] mom?
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3:51 pm
before we get to those new
3:52 pm
details on the breaking news in camp pendleton in orange county, california. i do want to play some sound for you from republican leadership on the hill. they have come forward talking about the super committee who has been tasked with making huge cuts and they have their first meeting tomorrow. let's listen to speaker boehner and senator mcconnell. >> this is a very important committee. we're committed that this committee get an outcome. and we believe that by reducing our debt, we create a better environment that should create jobs in america. we've talked about this all year. we believe as strongly about it today as we do -- did then. and this is a serious effort that's underway. we're taking it that way. and we're encouraging our members to work hard. >> i would just say what the
3:53 pm
speaker's said. failure is not an option. this committee is going to succeed. the floor that's established in the legislation. the country has a lot of problems related to spending and debt. that's clearly had an adverse effect on the economy. and i think the success we expect this joint committee to have will be a boost for the country and begin to head us in the right direction. >> speaker boehner -- >> speaker boehner, senator mcconnell, we'll check in wolf blitzer and get his reaction minutes ago on capitol hill. as promised, though, we are going to get you caught up on what's happening in orange county. we'll get someone on the phone from orange county sheriff's department to help us connect the dots. you're looking at aerial pictures of san clemente high school. they have been evacuated. all 3,200 students 180 staff members. we'll explain why they've been evacuated, if they're still
3:54 pm
evacuated and what this has to do with a missing navy medic at nearby camp pendleton. [ male announcer ] members of the american postal workers union
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3:56 pm
all right. let's go to washington now with wolf blitzer with the latest news off the political ticker. and let's begin with the sound we just quickly turned around. republican leadership on the hill talking about the super committee. they go to work first thing tomorrow. >> they've got to come up with
3:57 pm
$1.5 trillion in cuts over the next ten years. they've got until basically the end of november just before thanksgiving to get the job done, then congress will have an up or down vote by the end of the year that they have to pass it. and the pressure is enormous as the republican leadership, the democratic leadership, all the members say because if they don't go ahead, as you know, brooke, and do this, then there will be these automatic cuts that will go into effect that will be very painful, painful for republicans, painful for democrats, so there's enormous push on these 12 members of the super committee and they're going to start meeting as early as tomorrow to try to get some of the job done. and as what we just heard them say, failure is not an option. we'll see if they can do it. but it'll be very significant. they've got to come up with something. as you know, the president will be unveiling his big plan tomorrow night before a joint session of congress. we're told he's got about a $300 billion package and a long set with spending cuts to try to get
3:58 pm
jobs created. here's what i want you to do, go to my blog at and read why the president has to deliver tomorrow. forget about the politics of this. he's got to deliver for the american people because there are millions and millions of americans who are either unemployed, underemployed and millions have given up hope of ever finding a job. they're not even listed as part of the category anymore. you can have a lofty speech and lay out a political agenda and you can score some political points, but in the end, if it's not going to create jobs and start to turn around the economy, what good is it going to do for all of those millions of people who are just going to be hearing politicians debate. they're getting sick of that. they want action and want it quickly. the pressure is enormous on the president and the republicans. as i say, the only silver lining, brooke, that the president has right now is that the job approval number for congress including the republican majority in the house is so much worse than it is for
3:59 pm
the president of the united states. americans are fed up with everyone right now. they want action, and they want it soon because the jobs issue is clearly so critical right now. >> absolutely. like you say, in the blog, it has to lay out the vision, has to be specific when it comes to job creation. and differentiate from the other jobs plans. wolf blitzer, thank you very much. we'll talk next hour about what you have coming up on the "situation room." and here we are approaching the top of the hour. take a look at this. the first of three big debates this month for republicans who would like to become president. but tonight is the first chance we'll have to see both mitt romney and rick perry share the stage as candidates. we're live from the reagan library. i'm brooke baldwin, the news is now. >> all of a sudden we heard a bunch going off -- >> in the middle of breakfast, inside a crowded restaurant. >> sounded like machine guns.
4:00 pm
>> reporter: more on the suspects in what might have driven him to mayhem. >> it was a war zone down there. it was nuts. >> my heart is pounding. >> the devastating moment when you find everything you own burned to the ground. >> that's my house. plus, his daughter is behind bars half way around the world. convicted of murder, but amanda knox' dad is hoping she'll soon walk free. i'll speak with him live. and during this hour, president obama hosting nascar drivers at the white house. but not everyone accepted the invitation. find out who isn't coming and why. welcome back. hour two of the cnn newsroom with me, brooke baldwin. an american airlines flight from
4:01 pm
dallas, texas, to reagan international has been canceled due to a security issue. police have detailed two male passengers on flight. this is flight 1316, apparently the plane never left the gate there at dfw. the remaining passengers were rescreened as was their luggage, they have been rebooked on other flights to washington. another breaking news story. been keeping a close eye on out of southern california, out of orange county, california. and i know have jim ramino on the line. and jim, let's begin. as we look at these pictures, san clemente high school evacuated earlier today because of the apparent bomb threat. what started this whole thing with regard to camp pendleton? >> orange county sheriff's department received a call from camp pendleton military officers that they had an awol u.s. navy corpsman that did not report for
4:02 pm
duty today. they became very concerned, military police, they found some notes and some writings that indicate that he may have placed some explosive on the campus of san clemente high school. bomb squad technicians responded with eight bomb dogs all available personnel from the sheriff's department as well as the orange county fire authority and the federal bureau of investigation. there's approximately 3,200 students that attended the school. with 180 staff members. parts of the school have been searched, no explosive has been found at this time. but we're going to search every square inch of this campus. we are relieving some of the students, some of the area as i said have been cleared by bomb squad technicians. there's still a lot of places to check. again, we're going to check every nook and cranny of this school. we have identified the navy
4:03 pm
corpsman. >> that was my next question. i mean, as you're looking for a potential bomb on campus, where are you looking for this individual? >> well, we know he's driving a white jeep with a black top, oversized tires, 35-inch tires, california license plate nkz 930. he's been identified as daniel morgan, 22 years of age. we do not know what his motive is, but we do know that camp pendleton is extremely close to san clemente high school. and he's a member of military, he may have access to explosive devices. >> how close, jim, for those of us who are unfamiliar. how close is it from this high school? >> just a couple of miles. >> just a couple of miles. >> the property is very close. probably within a mile. so it's, again, very, very close. we believe that's the only
4:04 pm
connection is the close proximity. >> and i know you, the school taking this threat very seriously. it's the first day of classes, one of the mothers explained to me i know this kind of thing can sometimes happen. this came directly to you from camp pendleton. can you be more specific to these notes, these writings that were found. were there multiple notes by this man? >> i'm told there were writings. it is plural. i can't be specific on what they said, but they definitely referred to explosive devices being placed on san clemente high school campus. and as you said, sometimes the first day of school you do get prank calls. you do get hoax. however, this is not a student calling a prank. this is a member of the military who is awol, who may have access to explosive devices. it's a whole different ball game. >> jim, other than the close proximity between camp pendleton
4:05 pm
and the high school, is there any other connection between this daniel morgan and this high school. did he go to the high school? >> we do not believe he went to the high school. we're checking with military personnel, interviewing people to see maybe he knew somebody at the high school. we just do not know what his motive is at this time. >> and so for now, it's my understanding that the school has moved these 3,200 students off the field. it's a hot day out there, they're now in the gym. the message from the school, don't come pick up your kids just yet. is that correct? >> that is correct. but that just changed moments ago. you're right, initially we moved them to the field because we swept the field, we knew that was a safe place. then we swept the gymnasium, we moved them indoors because it is very hot outside. but part of the campus, students are being relieved, parents are coming by the area. the street area is a lot of
4:06 pm
shrubbery around, that was searched. so outside the school is safe, parts of the campus has been swept. so we are letting some of the students as well as some of the faculty leave. >> and jim, back to the 22-year-old who left these writings, this daniel morgan. he was a navy medic, is that correct? >> yes, he was a corpsman. we believe he was transferred from another base a short time ago, possibly a couple of weeks. i do not have a lot of personal information at this time regarding the suspect. we're still speaking with military personnel. we're trying to figure out a motive, trying to locate this individual. we're asking if anyone sees him or the vehicle to dial 911. >> i'll let you go back and do your job. thank you for hopping on the phone. jim amormino. we'll stay on that story for your, of course.
4:07 pm
also this. tonight, america takes the measure of rick perry enters the place for president, poof, he's a gop front-runner without breaking a sweat. tonight, that changes. those seven other republicans are waiting for rick perry, just waiting to give him the welcome into campaign 2012. jim acosta, what is rick perry looking at here? an initiation of some sorts? >> yeah. you could say, brooke, that it's fitting that this debate is happening about an hour drive from hollywood. this is show time for rick perry. as you noted he has raced to the top of this field. he only announced his campaign less than a month ago and already he's the front-runner without even breaking a sweat. and so expect rick perry to take some attacks from all sides tonight. mitt romney has a lot at stake because he was once the front-runner in this race. and he has occasionally in not so subtle fashion gone after rick perry from time to time.
4:08 pm
but just this morning, gop strategist carl rove sort of telegraphed one of the zingers we might hear. he brought up the controversial anti-washington book called "fed up" in which he refers to social security as a ponzi scheme and carl rove says that could be toxic not only in a general election, but in a gop nomination battle. >> here's what he had to say. >> they are going to have to find a way to deal with these things because as you say they're toxic in a general election and a republican primary. if you say social security is a failure and it ought to be replaced by a state-level program, then people are going to say, what do you mean by that? >> reporter: and it'll be interesting to see if anybody picks up on that or if folks like mitt romney who has sort of shied away for the most part in going after rick perry at this point, if he's going to continue to try to do this sort of staying above the fray approach that he has really stuck to for the good portion of this
4:09 pm
campaign. it's going to be interesting to watch, brooke, as these tactics change tonight, who is going to go after rick perry because it is starting to get close now. they're getting into the nitty-gritty here and the gloves off style is only going to work for so long. >> jim, you know -- you've been covering perry. he's in the race for less than a month. and you look at what he's done, it's astonishing. the "wall street journal" poll, he has eclipsed mitt romney by 13 points. there's michele bauchmann running in third, in single digits now. we know michele bauchmann won that straw poll back in iowa, seemed to have things going for her, is she the loser in all of this? has her moment come and gone? >> reporter: it remains to be seen. but to be sure, if you look at these surveys and dig into the numbers, not only has rick perry
4:10 pm
surged as she plummeted, but at the same time, you peel back the layers of the onion here in the tea party and you'll find that a lot of tea party supporters have basically switched from michele bauchmann to rick perry. so tonight, one of the -- one of the tests for michele bauchmann is whether or not she can try to earn some of those voters back. try to lure some of those voters back to her side. but it's going to be a tall order. you know, rick perry does not have a hugely successful debating record. he didn't debate that many times when he was running for reelection back in texas and general election campaigns. in fact, he refused to debate bill white in his last run for reelection. so it'll be interesting to see what rick perry does once he's put on the spot. once people like michele bauchmann and mitt romney go after him. it'll be telling to see how rick perry handles that. >> you are there in california where the debate will be happening later this evening. jim acosta, my thanks to you and more on rick perry. how will he do tonight in a
4:11 pm
glare of the spotlight. here he is debating last year during his reelection bid in texas. >> it really wears me out we've got two people on the stage here that want to tear texas down when the fact is everybody understands this is a state you want to live in. we want to come here. this state is growing by 1,000 people a day and it's not because we're overtaxing them, regulating, or litigating them. this is the place to be, the land of opportunity. >> okay. and we're going to talk to someone who has been covering governor perry for years and years. we'll see how he thinks he'll do tonight. but still ahead, his daughter is convicted of murder, serving time inside an italian prison, but amanda knox's father hoping she will soon go free as the court looks at some of that evidence. i'll speak with him live. also, the 911 call from the deadly shooting at the ihop in carson city, nevada. you can hear the shots in the
4:12 pm
background of the call. and it comes as we learn which national guard members were killed in that attack. ordinary rubs don't always work on my arthritis.
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the average retiree will see. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll need to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring your challenges. before we take you back out to california. let's go to wall street. trading day now over. i see a lot of green over my shoulder, that's been a good day. how good of a day has it been aliso alison kosik? >> the dow up 275 points, we needed that after the dow tumbled 474 points over the past three sessions. it gained about half of what it lost. there was good news out of
4:15 pm
europe and the debt crisis. we have investors bargain hunting. and there was some anticipation ahead of president obama's jobs speech tomorrow. everyone's looking to see if he'll have anything new to say in this down jobs market. >> let's talk, alison, about the middle class. i know they're getting whittled down, that's according to this new study. >> it is. this study asked middle class americans, you know, what is the american dream? what do you consider the american dream? they want to see their kids better off financially than them, than their parents. but what this pew study found is it's not happening that way for many people. it found that 28% financially slipped out of the middle class going straight into the lower class. another percentage saw their ranking fall significantly compared to their parents, and 19% had their income at least 20% less than their parents. a few main factors. marital status plays a big role.
4:16 pm
people who are divorced, single, or widowed are more likely to fall down that income ladder compared to married people. your education level, that also matters big time. a college degree, it could help you stay in the middle class. and then drug use, that actually factors in a big way, as well. people who use drugs are more likely to fall in their income, as well. all of this says that american dream, brooke, it's far from a sure thing anymore. kind of depressing if you ask me. >> it is. thank you very much there from the new york stock exchange. and let's go back to rick perry, shall we? joining me now, wayne slater of the dallas morning news. and you know when it comes to rick perry, this guy here knows pretty much everything. everything. wayne slater, how is the governor going to do tonight? >> reporter: you know, i think he's going to do okay. basically he came out of a rather ram bunkious rollout.
4:17 pm
and i think on the inside of his campaign, his campaign operative said you need to tone down the cowboy a little bit. i think he wants to look a little more presidential tonight. but his instinct will be to fight. if he's punched, if mitt romney punches at him directly or indirectly, look for rick perry to punch back. >> tone down the cowboy, huh? ron paul is calling him out. let's watch a snippet of it. >> rick perry helped lead al gore's campaign to undo the reagan revolution, fighting to elect al gore president of the united states. >> so hang on a second. rick perry supported al gore for president? >> he did. he endorsed al gore, showed up at a news conference in 1988 for al gore with some other legislators, he travelled texas urging voters to vote for al gore. but remember, al gore was the
4:18 pm
southern conservative alternative. rick perry was a democrat at the time, to mike delaware kukakis. he was the conservative wing looking for somewhat more conservative. shortly after that '88 race, rick perry, of course, switched to the republican party where he's been all this time. >> i hear, wayne, that there's a saying in texas that goes like this. all hat, no cattle. will america learn tonight -- will america learn tonight that rick perry has some cattle behind that cowboy hat and boots? >> reporter: yeah, i think in the perry case, it's all hair and no cattle what some folks might say. i think -- i think people will learn a little bit about rick perry. ultimately, his goal is to do two things. show himself to be a fighter, show himself to be worthy of getting in the ring with barack obama because that's what the
4:19 pm
tea party and the right of the republican base wants. they want a candidate who will fight. we have to show that. secondly, all he really has to do is emphasize jobs. this election is about the economy, it's about jobs. he's got a good story to tell on that. if he stays with that, if his opponents don't pull him away too much, then i think he'll have a good night. >> it'll be the first time we'll be seeing both rick perry, mitt romney, and the others, you know, on the stage together. we'll be watching, i know you will closely. wayne slater thank you very much. this just in to us here at cnn. new information speaking of jobs on president obama's jobs plan, the one he will be revealing tomorrow night, and the plan seems to target three specific areas. a senior white house correspondent all over this one breaking news for us today. we'll go to jessica next.
4:20 pm
4:21 pm
4:22 pm
we keep talking about jobs. lawmakers are talking about jobs. the president has promised his plan to put america back to work to the joint session of congress. jessica yellin continues to pry out those details from her sources of the president's jobs plan. new information for us right now. jessica, fill me in. >> hey, brooke. so according to multiple democratic sources, i'm told the working figure in the draft version is aund $300 billion total. for this package give or take. that biggest ticket item was an extension of that payroll tax cut that gives your employee an average $1,000 back out of their taxes. and then another big-ticket item i'm told working number of around $50 billion for an extension of unemployment insurance added in there will be
4:23 pm
some new components to unemployment insurance. ways to get, for example, the long-term unemployed into the workplace, tax credits to encourage the hiring of the long-term unemployed. there are also, i'm told, likely to be tens of billions of dollars for road infrastructure improvements. tens of billions of dollars to clean up dilapidated schools. we reported this before. they see it as a good way to get laborers in to schools and help schools function better, quickly. and also, many billions of dollars in aid to both teachers and to first responders. that would be aid to states and, you know, states is one of the first places you see unemployment become a big problem. i'm told there'll be an array of different tax credits to encourage businesses, brooke, finally to get the chronically unemployed back to work. we're talking about seniors, veterans, and low-skilled workers. of course, all of this could still change between now and then, that's a lifetime in speech writing and legislation,
4:24 pm
but this is the guidance i'm getting. >> that's the guidance thus far. we heard the president in detroit on monday on labor day. we noticed something in his speech there. here he is referring to the republicans. >> you say you're the party of tax cuts, well, then prove you'll fight just as hard for tax cuts for middle class families as you do for oil companies and the most affluent americans. show us what you got. >> so, jessica yellin, this is obviously a jobs speech, but no denying there's that political component here, as well. >> absolutely. and they haven't been shy about that. look, this is a new phase, and the president is making it clear he is pressing congress and not just congress but the house republicans to pass this jobs plan. and you can expect -- we know he's going to hit the road making the case of the american people that this is in his view the way to get jobs going. and in his -- if they don't, you can expect him to spend the next month, even the election year
4:25 pm
campaigning against in essence a do nothing congress. you know, he campaigned against washington as a candidate in 2008. we could see him campaign as the president who tried to get washington to work and is still fighting that fight, for example, brooke. >> okay. jessica yellin, our senior white house correspondent, thanks so much. coming up next, amanda knox's father joins me live. his daughter in prison for murder. her lawyers are protesting how investigators handled the evidence and kurt knox is hoping she could soon go free, maybe even as early as next month. he's standing by for me, i'll ask him how amanda knox is reacting to this news. ah. mom? he's here. nice wheels. oh, thanks. keeps me young. hello there, handsome. your dinner's in the microwave, dear. ♪ where do you want to go? just drive. [ engine revs, tires screech ]
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get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. the american college student appealing her murder conviction in italy got good news today. the dna used to convict amanda knox in the murder of her british roommate back in 2007 may have been contaminated. and today an italian judge denied the prosecution's request for new dna tests. in court for today's proceedings, amanda's father kurt knox and he joins me now
4:29 pm
live from perugia, italy. your initial reaction here, the judge's decision, no new dna testing can be done. your reaction. and what does this mean for your daughter's appeal? >> well, first of all, it was very good news for amanda. and i think, really, it shows that the court asked for an independent review of the forensic evidence. and it came back very favorable towards amanda, which is what we were expecting based on what our defense experts had been telling us. so i think it's hopefully a step that will allow her to come home by the end of the month. >> the judge also said no to questioning the independent witnesses in the dna. i know you've been in touch with your daughter. how is she reacting to this? how is she handling this? >> well, she's handling it a step at a time. even during the first trial during the closing arguments it was crystal clear to us she had nothing to do with us. and then to have it go wrong
4:30 pm
with the guilty verdict. she's kind of taking it step by step. but it was definitely a move in a positive direction, and we're going to get a chance to see her on visitation on friday. i'll get a better idea of how she's doing. >> the last time you spoke with her, what did she say to you? did she say the words i'm coming home? i feel great? or she's a little bit more pessimistic? >> you know, she's not pessimistic by any means, but she's also not saying, you know, i'm coming home. it's, you know, it was a good day today. it was a step in the right direction, and we get a chance to hug each other and tell each other that we love her after court is over for just a very few seconds. those are very precious moments. and she's very hopeful and the light's on at the end of the tunnel for her. >> i want to read you a comment the prosecutor made to the british newspaper "the telegraph." they say there was an ill wind
4:31 pm
blowing in this case. the judge and his assistant are clearly against us. i can see both knox and sollecito being freed, which will be a shame as they are both involved. what's your reaction to that? >> well, i think it's a comment that should not have been made. you have to understand that in the very first trial, the experts for the prosecution were on one side of the coin and the experts for the defense were on the very other end of the coin, and they were totally different. and during the first trial, an independent review was not allowed. and during the appeals trial, the court decided on its own to allow an independent review of the forensic evidence. and that forensic evidence, and that review came back with just a terrible, you know, response of how this was handled. i think those comments are more
4:32 pm
out of desperation than based upon evidence. >> final question to you there in italy. i know you said you'll be talking to amanda, you'll be seeing her on friday. but as far as the italian justice system overall, how truly how optimistic are you that your daughter will walk free? >> well, you know, what's very interesting and very different about the italian justice system versus the united states is at the appeals level, you can actually have new evidence brought forth and new witnesses brought in that can provide new input versus say in the united states just rules of law reviewed at the appeals level. so from that standpoint, it really gives amanda a great opportunity to have the truth come out. and she's not afraid of the truth. and the truth is going to let her come home. so i think it's a very good circumstance from that point of view. >> how soon could you know if she does get to come home?
4:33 pm
>> i'm hoping, you know, by the end of the month or the very first week within the month of october we'll have a decision. and, you know, that'll be -- hopefully it'll go in the right direction and allow her to come home. and it'll be a very good time at that stage. >> curt knox, father of amanda knox, live in perugia, thank you very much for talking to me. appreciate it. in the middle of breakfast, inside a crowded restaurant, a man pulls the trigger, kills multiple people, including members of the national guard. we are now hearing this eerie 911 call, learning who was killed in this senseless attack next. [ female announcer ] investing for yourself
4:34 pm
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4:36 pm
more and more eyewitnesss are coming forward to tell what they saw during that mass shooting in a nevada ihop, and the first 911 calls received are being released.
4:37 pm
five people died, three of them were members of the national guard. i'm going to play one of the calls for you and listen. because half way through you'll hear the gun shots in the background. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> it's ihop, there's a shooting going on, multiple shooting. >> where? >> in the ihop. >> in the ihop? >> in the ihop, automatic weapons. get there right now. automatic weapons. >> how many? >> i don't know. one guy going in, now he's coming back out with a gun. he's shooting people in the parking lot. it's an automatic weapon. >> we're on the way. no! he he's shooting at us now! he's shooting at us. automatic weapon. >> automatic weapon like longs weapons? >> he's shooting everybody. >> white, black, hispanic?
4:38 pm
>> i don't know. he's got a red shirt. he's shooting in a restaurant. >> we're on the way, all right? >> before the shooting stopped, we mentioned five people died, 11 in total were hit. among the dead, shooting suspect 32-year-old eduardo cincion. last hour i spoke with an eyewitness who was in that restaurant with his family. his wife, daughter, and grand kids ordering breakfast when the shooting started. >> well, we were sitting there eating breakfast and we were waiting for our second granddaughter to come in with other great grand kids. and we decided to go ahead and have our menu taken, and so she took our order, and just about the time she took our order we heard the pop, pop, pop, pop. and all of a sudden i saw my wife getting underneath the
4:39 pm
table and my daughter had called her, mom, get underneath the table. so i got underneath the table with them. and the shooting stopped at that time. so i got up and wanted to help my wife out of the building because somebody from one of the other tables from charter communications had opened the back door and said everybody out, everybody out. so i went on out. other people were running around trying to help and at that point in time, i decided to go on out, which i did, and i got across the street. and my wife has heart problems, and she got over there and i followed her and she says, oh, i forgot my purse and i need my medication. and i said i'll go back over there and get your purse. >> your went back in the restaurant? >> i went back in the restaurant, got her purse, got my wife's shoes and got my daughter's shoes. and walked back out. and then that was the end of it for right then. >> where did the gunman go? did you see where he left?
4:40 pm
>> i assume he went to the front of the building. and at that point in time, he probably went out. he probably saw all the sheriffs were coming. and so, i guess he must have gone outside and then turned the gun on himself. >> that's right. howard, how is your family holding up? >> well, my wife's had a real tough time. i kind of had to hold her tight all night long while she slept because she was shaking and all she could hear was those gun shot wounds, you know, going off all the time. >> following yesterday's shooting, people who are in the national guard in nevada have now been ordered not to wear the uniforms in public. still ahead, police found her body stuffed behind a wall. just days before her wedding on the campus of yale university. now her family is suing the school arguing her death could have been prevented. plus, police call it a suicide at a ceo's mansion, but some new eyebrow-raising
4:41 pm
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we shop. you save. the family of a murdered yale student is now suing the university. annie lei was murdered two years ago by a lab technician. he pled guilty ultimately sentenced to 44 years in prison. but now lei's family said yale has not done enough to prevent crimes against women. sunny hostin is on the case for us. and this is two years later here. we know the why, but why now?
4:44 pm
>> you know, i think it's clear that they feel yale could've done more to prevent their daughter's death. i don't know if i agree with that, brooke. i don't know if that is true. but it sounds like in this case, this is a send a message lawsuit. they want something to be done. and we all know that, you know, yale has had a problem in terms of claims of sexual harassment. the campus not doing enough to protect women from sexual assault and sexual harassment. but i've got to tell you, i'm not sure that their suit will be successful. because if you listen to what yale did say in response to the suit is that there's no basis here because we couldn't have done anything different. and that really would be a defense to their claims. >> let me jump in. to that point they said, it had no information that raymond clark could commit this crime. can the university -- could a company for that matter be held responsible if an employee with
4:45 pm
no prior criminal record commits a crime? >> generally no. especially if they've done their part in terms of screening, asking the appropriate questions, having sort of policies in place where if this woman had been harassed or abused by her co-worker and had she reported it to yale and had they not done anything then absolutely a company could be held responsible with those sets of facts. but that is not my understanding of what happened here. so this is going to be a difficult lawsuit for the family. but again, i think it's one of those send the message lawsuits. yale, you've got to be a good corporate citizen, do more. >> case number two, we're hearing more about that california mansion mystery out of san diego raising more questions than answers. the story was this, the millionaire's girlfriend here found hanging naked and bound from a balcony, this was back in july, days after his son apparently accidentally fell down some stairs, he died. police we now know, sunny, this
4:46 pm
was absolutely suicide. but the medical report says this girlfriend had minor bruises to her scalp, there was blood in her thighs, and a t-shirt wrapped around her neck also stuffed in her mouth. when you hear these details, what's your read? >> you know, it sounds odd to me. i've got to tell you. typically when people are going to commit suicide, there's a suicide note found, the circumstances are just a bit awry here, they're odd. the coroner doesn't necessarily work with the law enforcement, it's an independent office. it's possible they're going to look into this a bit further. but it does appear to me to be suspicious. and in cases like this, brooke, investigations are ongoing. we may be hearing more about this case. >> so the family of this girlfriend, they say, yes, this was a case of a homicide. they don't believe investigators have the true and complete story. is there a way for them to proceed with the case even though the police have thus far said no foul play?
4:47 pm
>> yeah. that's a tough call. as certainly if a family has the resources to hire a private investigator, we've heard of that before. to ask other law enforcement authorities to get involved to try to help solve this mystery. there are other avenues to try to push the ball forward. i think it's going to be very difficult considering, as you mentioned, that this investigation, according to the sheriff's department is closed. >> sunny hostin on the case, thank you, ma'am, very much. i want to stay in california, get more news for you on our breaking story out of orange county. that bomb spread that a school in orange county today students they've been evacuated. this man hunt underway for a missing member of the military. we now know who he is and what police are asking the public to look for. that's next. money, i trained my dog and this cockatoo to play all the hits of the '80's woman: hit it, mr. butters. ♪ ♪ take on me...
4:48 pm
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4:50 pm
want to bring you up to speed as to what we've learned here in our breaking story in orange county, california. san clemente high school still in lockdown mode after this bomb threat being investigated. this is the first day back to school the threat being taken very seriously. it's a huge school, 3,200 students, 180 faculty members all evacuated. they were taken to the football field, then taken to the gym. here's what i learned from the orange county sheriff's department. there is a navy medic who went missing from camp pendleton which apparently is a couple miles away from this high school. and according to the sheriff's department, he left writings, notes, which then led the mill their there at camp pendleton to reach out to the orange county sheriff's office which then led them to reaching out to the high school and evacuating students.
4:51 pm
here is this missing medic. he is 22-year-old daniel morgan. they're looking for his vehicle. if you're in the area, look for a white jeep with a black top, california license plate 6nkz930. according to the sheriff's department official i talked to on tv, he could've had access to explosives, recently transferred to pendleton. i asked if there was any kind of connection. he didn't know of one. to his best -- best information, he did not attend this high school, still no motive at this time. more information as soon as we get it. next, though, the situation room coming up here in eight minutes time. let's get a quick preview from mr. blitzer. who do you have on the show today? >> we've got a lot going on. one of the world's great experts on the middle east is joining us. he's got provocative new thoughts about what's going on, brooke, in both libya as well as syria.
4:52 pm
our colleague, the editor of time magazine our sister publication will be joining us with never before seen still photos. of 9/11 of the world trade center, the area in new york city, our viewers are going to be interested in seeing these new pictures that have never been seen before. also, the chair of the senate intelligence committee dianne feinstein on what's going on right now, how worried should we be in advance of the tenth anniversary of 9/11? will there be an effort by al qaeda? al qaeda supporters, lone wolves to seek revenge for the killing of osama bin laden? all that and more right here on "the situation room" starts in a few minutes. i just got news in my ear as you were talking. we just learned that 22-year-old missing medic from camp pendleton according to the military, he turned himself in within the last hour there within the last hour. daniel hmorgan turning himself
4:53 pm
in. moving on, though, president obama, did you know he's hosting a nascar event? hosting some of the drivers at the white house, but not every driver accepted the invitation today. find out who's not there and why. joe johns has the scoop in political pop. he is next. also, you see it every year right around christmas, the kennedy center honoring five big stars as they sit in the balcony near the president. well, now we know who is being honored this year. you will find out next. [ male announcer ] we went to germany's nurburgring to challenge ourselves on the most demanding track in the world. with us, in spirit, was every great car that we'd ever competed with. the bmw m5. and the mercedes-benz e63. for it was their amazing abilities that pushed us to refine, improve and, ultimately,
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is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll need to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring your challenges. what do oprah winfrey, paul mccartney, bruce springsteen, robert de niro all have in common? they're kennedy center honorees. and the honor rheeohonorees inc streep. the annual honor is awarded for the exemplary lifetime contributions. this year's results will be broadcast from the kennedy center sunday, december 4th. and at this very moment, nascar drivers are taking a pit stop. my nascar humor with the president at the white house and there may be a controversy brewing.
4:57 pm
joe johns has the story today in the political pop. some said yes, some said -- >> right. no. some said no, and that's the problem. this is one of those white house events that was destined to not come off as planned. it was supposed to be in the rose garden, but there's been so much rain here in washington, d.c., there you see it. they actually had to move hit inside the east room, and then there were the drivers, not all of whom were supposed to be there, brooke. the white house invited the 2010 chase for the nascar sprint cup drivers to the white house. these are the 12 drivers who sort of made it to the playoffs, if you will, in nascar. big honor. the white house hasn't gotten back to us. we've called to ask a little bit more about this. but what we can tell you is that these drivers were invited here because they were supposed to be in richmond, virginia, over the weekend for a race, close to washington, d.c. and a bunch of them -- actually there at the white house, at least seven or eight we know. there are a total 12 supposed to be there.
4:58 pm
the best list we've gotten so far of the guys showing up includes jeff gordon, kyle busch, danny hamlin, jeff burton, clinton boyer, along with jimmie johnson, but a number of them have gotten dinged for not being able to make it. we're not sure how many. but they've got a lot of questions. there are the guys who are not attending. some of the questions they've gotten on social media. whether this was a snub or if they're not showing up had some political overtones to it, had something to do with the president's popularity. and, you know, a couple of the drivers have actually gone on the offensive. and they've said that's not true. go ahead. >> well, define, i guess, the snub or rejecting the white house's offer. does that mean i can't go, i'd like to go, not really, i'm not a big fan of the president, or i can't scheduling. read between the lines. >> nobody has said i didn't want to go because i don't like the
4:59 pm
president. but the best description or explanation we've gotten among the no-show drivers is greg biffle. he basically said the controversy was disgusting. he said the only reason he's not there is because of scheduling, pointed out he got the invite just a couple of weeks ago. and he's got a function that he says he's obligated to be at with 3m in minnesota, they've planned this for nine months, annual thing. there'd been over 100 something business people and customers supposed to be there. so at the end of the day, this is a deal where they're in a sport where you've got to have sponsors, the sponsors spend money, and i think people in politics understand what you've got to do when you have sponsors. >> i see. i see. joe johns, thank you very much. that's your political pop for this -- what's today? wednesday? i'm losing membership mind today. joe johns, thank you very much. that's it for me. let's go to wolf blitzer. "situation room"


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